Our Brand

Powerful Lines Sacred Designs 
Azenya Designs is a sustainable eloquent Jewelry brand creating sacred objects of beauty.
Each made one at a time, by hand with care in Bali, Indonesia.
Azenya Designs intentionally uses forms and gemstones to enhance the beauty and raise vibrations.
These adornments are also known as amulets or talismans, modern-day Energy Tools.
Jewelry pieces can be experienced as an ally - to empower and uplift. 
Our Jewelry Collections contain particular attributes corresponding to their inherent designs.
Each Jewelry piece is blessed and imbued through a ceremony with the highest of intentions to enhance positive + loving energy.

The Designer

While living in Bali with her family, Azenya was immediately inspired to collaborate with local artisans.
As a seeker of ancient wisdoms, Azenya is intrigued with finding ways to create greater resonance and balance.
She is trained and offers various healing modalities and yoga, aspects of these teachings merge into her designs.
As a trained photographer, her love for visuals and refined aesthetics translates in her creations.
Guided by intuition, Azenya practices being in the present moment with the help of her three children - her most precious gems. Her soul is nourished from her spiritual practice, and she is most at home in nature.