Sodalite Beaded + Lapis Lazuli Point Mala

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 A Mala is a sacred power object, an Energy Tool, possessing the power to positively influence and protect every expression of your life as you walk the path of awakening.

Mala is the Sanskrit word for the prayer beads traditionally used in India and in East Asia, now seen globally. Malas are used for counting repetitions of mantras, prayers, and affirmations, and typically have 108 beads.

The frequency of Sodalite is utilized to inspire insight, intuitive abilities, and strengthen mental powers. Befriend Sodalite when working to improve your self-discipline & organization, reinforce 'witness consciousness', and to spark 'aha moments'.


Lapis Lazuli Stones resonate with the vibration of truth and enlightenment. They are powerful intense blue stones for balancing the male and female aspects of your personality. They resonate with the energy of your inner king or queen, and are historically stones of royalty.

78 Beads, Sterling Silver, knotted between each bead.

Shine Your Brightest Light