Trinity Ascension Diamond Ring - ONE OF A KIND

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One-of-a-kind, 18k Gold Diamond Ring

Ethical and Conflict Free

This rare pyramid 1.08ct cut Diamond is ethically sourced from South Kalimantan with certificate.

18k yellow gold, ethically sourced from indigenous women miners on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan.

Feel empowered knowing this Diamond and Gold was harvested through a mercury and cyanide-free process!

Paying premium for a Womans miners collective, funding the reforestation of ex-mining sites and providing bi-annual scholarships for youth in their mining community.

About the Design

The upward-pointing triangle is the alchemical symbol for fire,

symbolizing rising energy and stability.

Numerologically speaking, the 3 represents the birthing of wisdom.

Reflecting on the Trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit + Harmony, Integration & Manifestation

Diamonds carry High-Frequency energy that stimulates and opens all of the chakras.

Diamonds bring a sense of radiance, a loving energy that clears the aura and fills the emptiness with purity and Light allowing the Soul’s light to shine and be shared with others.

It’s time to ascend.